Fresh Meat

So you wanna be a Roller Girl? Chattanooga Roller Girls would love to have you join our ranks!

You will find that there is quite an array of equipment and hardware available. All the options can sometimes be overwhelming. Here is a basic list of the equipment you will definitely need to get started:

* Mouth guard
* Helmet
* Elbow Pads
* Wrist Guards
* Knee Pads
* Quad Speed Skates (inline skates are not permitted in game play)

Fresh Meat packages are available online, here’s one we would recommend.

Quality is important. It’s better to spend a little more once and protect yourself correctly. Email Bully Von Beat’em if you have any questions.

Fresh Meat status begins once a skater has passed initial tryouts, begun paying monthly dues ($25) as per league policy, and has submitted and been officially registered with league required WFTDA insurance ($70). (WFTDA can take up to 1 week to become active, so it is imperative to get the ball rolling ASAP.) As a Fresh Meat skater you are encouraged to attend league meetings as a non-voting member of the league.

Fresh Meat will serve a minimum 60-day probationary period and become a recognized member of the league upon passing final evaluations. During the 60-day training period, skater’s skills will be evaluated by the training committee for promotion to active skater. Fresh Meat will be required to adhere to the policies set forth by the CRG by-laws.

We are truly excited by your interest in the sport of Roller Derby. We think you will find it to be addictive. Hope to see you on the track!

For questions or information regarding tryouts, please contact:

Bully Von Beat’em, (Lynda Cope)
Fresh Meat Coordinator

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