Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about roller derby below. For more FAQs, check this page out!

  • Do I have to be in athletic shape or have a specific body type?

    No. Women of all builds can be good at roller derby. We all began at different levels of fitness and athletic ability. Don’t worry, once you join the Chattanooga Roller Girls, our training staff will whip you into shape soon enough. It is important that you are prepared to work hard. Roller derby is a tough sport and as a player you will be expected to come to practice, push yourself and develop your athletic potential to the fullest.

  • How can I get ready for tryouts, mentally?

    Get to know us! Come see our bouts. Get to know the rules. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up with our activities. Volunteer to find out how it all works.

  • How can I get ready for tryouts, physically?

    Working on cardio and strengthening your quads, glutes and core muscles will help you to be ready for tryouts. Additionally, get your skate on, Roller Coaster Skate World where you can work on your skating basics such as: forward skating, using crossovers, gliding on one foot at a time, balance & squats.

  • How often are Bootcamps held?

    Twice a year, we offer training bootcamps to help you learn the basics. To find out more information email our fresh meat coordinator Tipsy McStaggers at

  • What equipment will I need for tryouts and Bootcamp?
    • Quad Skates (inline skates are not permitted in game play)
    • Helmet (multi-impact)
    • Mouth Guard
    • Wrist Guards
    • Elbow Pads
    • Knee Pads
  • Will I need my own protective gear?

    Every skater is required to wear protective gear. We have some pads to loan out but it is first come first serve, so take the leap and bring your own.

  • Are there any ‘packages’ of all required gear?

    Fresh Meat packages are available online, for basics we recommend checking this out.

  • Is quality gear important?

    Quality is important. It’s better to spend a little more once and protect yourself correctly. Roller Derby is a high impact, full contact sport and we take big hits and hard falls. Pads and helmets are the only things between your fragile bones/head and very hard surfaces. If you have questions about what kind of gear to buy, especially pads, please talk to any member of the league!

  • What are expectations during tryouts?

    We will be looking to see if prospective Fresh Meat are comfortable on their skates, have good balance, basic skills, take direction well and are in good physical condition (i.e. you can skate a few laps without getting winded). If basic skills are below requirements necessary to enter the Fresh Meat program, skaters will be given pointers on what to work on and urged to tryout again for the next Fresh Meat bootcamp.

  • What endurance skills will be evaluated during tryouts?

    Complete 25 laps around track within five minutes.

  • Which derby specific skills will be evaluated during tryouts?
    • Maintain good derby form utilizing crossovers in both Derby and Non-Derby directions
    • Perform one-footed glides
    • Execute form falls:
      • Single knee falls
      • Rockstar Double knee falls
      • Four point falls.
    • Hopping from one foot to the other/ jumping
    • Weave both feet
    • Demonstrate physical strength:
      • Squats on whistle for 1 minute,
      • Squat and hold for 1 minute
    • Running toe starts
    • T-Stops
    • Plow stops
    • Pivot toe stops
  • Are soft skills evaluated during tryouts?


    • Positive attitude
    • Basic knowledge of the sport
    • Ability to listen and apply new knowledge
    • Ability to pick up new skills
    • Time commitment
    • Availability
  • Are there a lot of injuries?

    Injuries happen, but we work to prevent them by specific that includes injury-preventative exercises. As mentioned above, full protective gear is required for all skaters. Although primary health insurance is not currently required if you want to skate with us, it is still strongly recommended.

  • What happens after tryouts?

    Fresh Meat status begins once a skater has passed initial boot camp and tryouts. Skaters who are selected to join the league will serve a minimum 60-day probationary period and become a recognized member of the league upon passing final evaluations.

    During the 60-day training period, skaters are required to start paying monthly dues ($30 due by the 15th of each month) and must obtain league required WFTDA membership/insurance ($70 annually, required even if you have primary health insurance). WFTDA can take up to 1 week to become active, so it is imperative to get the ball rolling ASAP. All Fresh Meat are required to adhere to the policies set forth by the CRG by-laws.

    Once training is completed and you have passed assessments you’ll be drafted to a team. We are truly excited by your interest in the sport of roller derby. We think you will find it to be addictive. Hope to see you on the track!

  • Can I become a volunteer or official?

    Are you 18 years old and want to get involved but not interested in being a skater?

    We’ve got an important place for you!

    The CRG family includes and depends on a whole host of referees, coaches, trainers, and volunteers in order to keep it up and running. Whatever you’ve got to offer, whether it’s a special skill or just your time, we want you on board!

    Email for more info.