The Chattanooga Roller Girls (CRG) were founded in 2008 with the hope of bringing together free-thinking, strong women to experience roller derby in Chattanooga while giving back to their community. Roller Derby allows women to appreciate and understand their bodies as strong and amazing, forcing them to un-learn years of negative connotations with before-considered imperfections. Roller derby fosters the creation of a bond with like-minded women with varying backgrounds and skill sets, giving the team itself strength in numbers and diversity. CRG is a team based on sportswomanship, fair play, and athleticism.

CRG spent 2008 organizing, training and learning the basics of the sport, and pulling a team together from scratch. Throughout 2009, the team grew and with that growth came a solid structure, leadership, and a strengthening of the organization. In 2009, CRG experienced both their first out-of-town and home games. In December of 2009, CRG was overwhelmed and excited to see the outpouring of support from Chattanooga as the fans packed the room for their exhibition bout.

The 2010 season was an adventure as CRG packed their bags to play with teams as far away as New Orleans. CRG won their first bout on the road in Hunstville and followed up with a win in New Orleans. There were also a handful of VERY close bouts that showed CRG was successfully building on their solid foundation.

In March of 2010, CRG was accepted into the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) Apprenticeship Program, leading them closer to be being a nationally competitive team. The resurgence of roller derby has been lead by WFTDA’s vision of “by the skaters, for the skaters” and CRG feels strongly that this attitude is the foundation for its own existence.

Since the beginning, CRG has been involved in Community Service events and have partnered with several organizations, including the Humane Educational Society and Girls, Inc. of Chattanooga. CRG has also participated in other community events, such as Jack’s Chattanoggin’s and the Chattanooga Market.

This league proved itself in the 2011 season, as CRG won nine of their thirteen games, delighting fans by winning every home bout. Many of these bouts were full-on blow-outs with CRG more than doubling their opponents’ scores. Two of these wins were from the B team, who swept up at a double-header tournament in Rome, Georgia. The Chattanooga Roller Girls have proven that they are a force to be reckoned with, especially for any team setting skate in their city.

In 2012, CRG continued their winning ways and remained undefeated at home. With the addition of Fox61 as a sponsor, fans were able to watch home bouts live on tv. At the end of 2012, CRG was accepted as a full member league into the WFTDA.

CRG would like to thank every skater and official for her/his time put forth to make this team into what it is today. We would also like to thank the families, friends, and business partners that give (or give up) their time and efforts to help the team move forward.