Tango & Smash Victory


We pulled a big win Saturday night against Peach State Roller Derby and we are nothing but smiles. Thank you to all of our fans that came out to cheer us on.

Congratulations to our MVPs, Muskrat (Jammer) and Block Mage (Blocker)!

We hope to see you all at our final game of the season on Saturday, October 8th. You can get discounted tickets in advance here or from your favorite derby girl.14390814_10154549129282250_1139115101123680432_n

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Tango & Smash Roller Derby – Sept 24

Sept2016_posterWebBuy tickets online or in person!

Where’s The Beef?
Whatchu Talking Bout, Willis?
Can you avoid the Noid?
Break out your leg warmers and your fanny packs! Oh, wait, derby girls already wear them regularly. Ok, but for those non-derby guys and gals, wear your best 80’s dance gear and get ready for CRG’s #Fresh moves on the track…and definitely off the track at the after party.

This bout benefits USA Dance http://www.chattanoogausadance.com/ and their September 9th 50’s themed East Coast Swing dance lesson. That’s right–you get to dress up 50’s and 80’s this month!

Doors open at 6 (no earlier because we have a lot of hair to do), the first whistle at 7 and then we take on Peach State. Click the link to get your tickets or reach out to your favorite CRG homeboy or girl.

“Our skate Betties really hope to see you at our bangin’ boss bout! Totally trunkicular!”–working on the lingo 🙂

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Caped CruSkater Victory!

Although we saved the day, there is still more derby to be done! Get your tickets to our 80’s themed bout Tango & Smash happening on Saturday, Sept 24th.

14011883_10154545570131004_1983439193_n (1)

Bout highlights by the amazing Mad Kemp!

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Caped CruSkater



Our third home game of the season and it’s going to be fun as we take on Vette City from Bowling Green, KY AND it’s super hero themed! In honor of our benefitting charity, Chattanooga Kids on The Block and their Super Hero Fun Run on August 20th, CRG will be leaping small obstacles and rescuing damsels from…well, other damsels.

Get your discounted tickets online, or at any of our participating ticket vendors around the area.



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Upcoming Events!

The Chattanooga Roller Girls have two very exciting events coming up (in addition to our upcoming bout in Birmingham, of course):

13427933_10154255135357250_2964940144180828584_nOn Sunday, July 17 CRG and Jack’s Chattanoggins partner up again to help the fight against kids’ Cancer. With the support of our wonderful sponsor at Main Line Ink, we are attempting to recruit 25 Main Train Wheeler Shavees as well as $5K.

Click here to join our team of shavees and help raise awareness along with funds! If you would like to donate to one of our league members, click their name in the bottom right of the link above. Alternatively you can make a general team donation here! 


On Monday, July 18 the Chattanooga Roller Girls will be hosting another Meet and Greet at Chattanooga Brewing. Meet us from 6-7 for some food, beers and all the things roller derby!

If you want more info now, email freshmeat@chattanoogarollergirls.com.

Make a change this year and stop talking about doing something new! Change your life! Start #fresh!

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